How is the SyncForce Ranking The Brands Top 100 calculated?

Individual rankings are submitted to First step is marking the ranking as a positive or negative ranking. For example: The BrandZ Top 100 Brand Ranking is a positive ranking. Where the Fortune Top 50 Money losers is a negative brand ranking. Based on the position of a brand in that individual ranking, the brand will earn positive or negative Ranking The Brands (RTB) points. The RankingTheBrands Score is calculated based on the total number of RTB points. If a brand is mentioned in a lot of positive brand rankings this brand will be high listed on the SyncForce Ranking The Brands list.

Why is there a Ranking The Brands Top 100?

There are many organizations that publish a brand ranking or a brand top 50/100, but there was no overall ranking that presents a consolidated brand ranking based on all published rankings. And there was no overview that presents all rankings that are published for one particular brand. For example here is an overview of all brand rankings where Google is mentioned. That’s why we’ve created Ranking The Brands.

Where is my brand? I can’t find it?

A brand is being added to when this brand is mentioned in a brand ranking that got a hold off. If we missed a ranking that your brand is mentioned in, please feel free to submit this ranking to us.

I’m missing a ranking where can I submit one?

On the submit a brand ranking page you can submit a brand ranking

Why is my ranking not presented?

There are many brand rankings published in the world so it could definitely be that we missed one. Please feel free to visit the brand ranking submission page to submit your ranking. You can also send the brand ranking in word or PDF to contact(@)

Who came up with the Ranking The Brands Top 100 idea?

SyncForce, the company behind, offers organizations an enterprise platform that ensures consistent communication of their brand promise, every time and everywhere. When reading a lot about our customers and thus their brands we came across a lot of brand rankings. Then the question came up: in which brand rankings are our customers mentioned?

My question is not answered here; how do I contact

You contact us via email at contact(@) Or just visit the SyncForce website where you can find all contact details.

I have feedback about the site; to whom can I send this feedback?

Great when you want to send us feedback in order to optimize the service. You can send an email to contact(@) Or just visit the SyncForce website where you can find all contact details.